My Little Bandit.

My Little Bandit is a organic kids brand founded in Norway 2015 by Kristine Bornø Haukebøe.
She runned it alone for 5 years, and after seeing the ups and downs she found a partner Yvonne Fimland Øie in 2020. Now we are ready to start all over again and get our lovely clothes out there. Kristine is the designer and Yvonne will manage the daily operations (CEO)

Our passion is to make comfy and cool everyday clothes for little BANDITS. This brand is ALL on kids terms. Kids love prints and colors. We all know if they could choose they will have a sweater with a crocodile or a shark. Not dressed like a grownup. We need to let kids be KIDS.

Quality and comfort is very importent to us. We really missed a brand like this in Norway and here it is.

We are GOTS-certified and 100% organic.

Hope you like it as much we do.

Kristine & Yvonne <3