My Little Bandit is made to last long. Thats why we have double sizes. Buy the size for your age if your kid is normal. But if your kid use a bigger size than age you need to go up. Means when kid gets 2 years buy 92/98. Then it will fit from 2 year until 3 year. If kid already is 3 year and use 98 you are a little late and then buy 4-5. ALWAYS go up one size if you are not sure.

56/62 is 0-4 months

68/74 6-9months

80/86 is 1-2 years

92-98 is 2-3 years.

104/110 is 4-5 years

116/122 is 6-7 years

128/134 is 8-9 years

140/146 is 10-11years